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We've been working with the company that supplies us with lamination products for 25 years so we know we can give you a top-quality product.
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When You Need Laminating in Brisbane, Moorooka, Archerfield, or Yeerongpilly

Ever had this happen? Your son or daughter goes to a concert to see their favourite band and purchases a poster to hang on the wall of their room at your home. Then something bad happens in the next few days after the concert – the poster gets crumpled, or someone spills something on it, and your child is in deep despair. This can also be the case if you’re a collector of rare posters or if you need an important flyer that contains information your employees need to see on a regular basis. The answer is lamination. It’s a process that bonds printed material between two sheets of transparent plastic film. It can be a real lifesaver and can ensure that the printed material contained within has a long and useful lifespan.

When you need laminating in Archerfield for any printed material call Technoscan today. We have the right kind of lamination for your printed materials, be they posters, business cards or banners. For top-quality laminating in Yeerongpilly give us a call.

Laminating in the Brisbane area that gets the job done

Many good reasons exist for having your printing materials laminated. If your content needs to be hung or placed in a damp space lamination offers an important layer of protection. Lamination adds durability and protects against smudges and fingerprints. It also helps improve the quality of the printed image or material by enhancing the various colours of ink used in printing. Lamination is ideal for things such as restaurant menus, membership cards, price lists, training or educational materials, machinery warnings and banners you wish to reuse on multiple occasions.

There are several important factors, however, to consider when you want laminating for printed materials in Moorooka. It’s important not to wait until the last second. If you try to have something laminated immediately after printing there is a possibility that you will find bubbles in the lamination. The bubbles appear if the printed material has not been given proper time to “de-gas” correctly. Lamination done too quickly can also lead to problems with creasing. Make sure you build time between printing and lamination into your plans.

Quality lamination that lasts

We offer several types of lamination for different printed materials. For the best results with posters, we use the top grade of hot laminate. Gloss laminate enhances colours and is cheaper, while matt laminate gives the modern more subtle look. Business cards look best with cello glazing. It’s a lightweight laminate that can be used to give business cards a gloss or matte finish. We have found it’s also useful for book covers and folders if you’re looking for a less rigid finish than you get with a laminated poster. For banners, we use a liquid laminate as it gives the best protection against scuff marks, dirt, and contaminants. We’ve been working with the company that supplies us with lamination products for 25 years so we know we can give you a top-quality product.

When you want laminating in the Brisbane area that looks and feels good and gives you the durability and protection that you require, count on our friendly service and qualified staff to give you the results you need.