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We want to offer the best, most convenient banner printing for Yeerongpilly businesses, as well as businesses in Brisbane, Moorooka, and Archerfield.
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Why Your Brisbane, Moorooka, Archerfield, or Yeerongpilly Business Shouldn’t Ignore Banner Printing and Physical Advertising

Trust Technoscan for the best Banner Printing in Brisbane!

Email us your design, or we’ll design one for you. Portable business advertising at a fantastic price. Convenient for bands, taking the hassle out of tying up banners on stage.

Check out our brand new product, with a base that has a scrolling LED message built in!

  • 850mm x 2m high
  • Silver stand
  • Comes in a black carrying bag
  • Printing trade prices available.

Printed on high quality polypropelene film for only $140 RRP or artsilk for $170 RRP.

Call us today on 3848 9388 to find out more, or enquire via email.

Today, advertising your business in the digital space is more important than ever. If you want your business to be seen and heard, you need to be doing digital marketing and advertising. However, the necessary emphasis on the digital side should not mean that you lose focus on the physical side. Physical advertising is still important, especially when it comes to capturing the attention of consumers who don’t use a lot of technology. There are still people who shop mostly at brick-and-mortar stores or use flip phones, and these are the customers you can capture through physical advertising.

Printed banners are a fantastic piece of physical advertising and marketing that offers many advantages to your Brisbane business or organisation. Many common misconceptions surround printed advertising, including that it is much more expensive than digital advertising, but this isn’t true. Printed banners are a wonderful way to advertise your business at events, trade shows, or even right outside your business location. If your business has decided to invest in more physical advertising, contact a company like Technoscan for banner printing near Brisbane.

Benefits of Banner Printing for Moorooka Businesses

While many people assume that physical advertising is much more expensive than digital advertising, this is not always the case. With printed banners, the production costs are usually reasonable. While production costs for large advertising mediums such as billboards are typically steep, banners are a perfect way for smaller businesses to advertise in the physical space without breaking the bank.

In many situations, it is easier to target a specific audience with banners than digital advertising. While digital advertising platforms offer ways to target distinct audiences and websites, they are not always accurate and often lead to a lot of wasted money. When using a banner, you are likely to be in a location – a trade show or event – where your target audience would be. You can be sure that the people who see your advertisement are potential customers.

Banners are also reusable provided you properly clean and store them, so you can utilise them at events for many years. There are no recurring costs like there are with digital advertising, meaning you’ll have a positive return on investment. We recommend banner printing for Archerfield small businesses, as it is very cost effective.

Serving Yeerongpilly for 30 Years

At Technoscan, we have been serving the businesses of Yeerongpilly, Brisbane, Moorooka, and Archerfield since 1983. We are a family business, situated in the same location for over 30 years, and we offer a personal touch on every printing or graphic design project we do. We understand the importance of high-quality banners and print products as it relates to your business. When you work with us, you will get both convenience and fantastic products.

You won’t even have to come in to our store! You can send us your company logo or design through email, or email ideas that we can use to create a design, and then we’ll email your proofs for approval, print your banners and send them to you via courier. We want to offer the best, most convenient banner printing for Yeerongpilly businesses, as well as businesses in Brisbane, Moorooka, and Archerfield.

For more information or project requests, call us on 07 3848 9388.