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Laminate your prints for that added protection and enhanced colours.

We use top grade hot laminate only on posters, as we find it gives the best results.

Celloglazing is a lightweight laminate used for Business Cards, and comes in Gloss and matte.  It can also be used on book covers and folders etc, if a less rigid feel is required.

Liquid laminate is used on banners to protect against dirt and scuff marks. 

Our local supplier has been in the business for 25 years, and is an expert in his field, so we know we always get consistent quality laminates.


Don't leave that laminating order until the last minute, as products should not be laminated immediately after printing. They must be allowed to de-gas properly, otherwise there is a possibility of "bubbling" occurring, and far more risk of creasing.

NEW product.

There is now an anti graffiti laminate.  The laminate is clear just like any other product, but the magic chemical remover can deal with up to 20 tags without damaging your print

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