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Canon Printers and Inks



After 32 years in the printing industry, we know a good printer when we see one. Technoscan is proud to be a supplier of Canon printers and inks; we now have a brand new IPF8400SE showroom printer to demonstrate the versatility and quality of Canon equipment. This model has 6 inks including red, and a full accounting function, so you will know to the cent how much each print has cost to produce - a great assistance in assigning costs, or maintaining profitablility. Not only do the Canon printers produce stunning prints of the highest quality, they are also great workhorses. We ran our 8000S printer every (working) day for 7 years, and it required a technician just once in that period; we eventually retired the old girl, and now have a brand new IPF780.  What a great little printer! 5 colours, prints A0, and even has a table for output as well as the basket catcher.  Fast, great quality prints, no-one could go past this printer for a site office. If you are thinking of buying a printer, come and see our 3 Canons in action.


We sell all the Canon inks and maintenance cartridges, and can access various other brands, both large and small format. Get cartridges for your home printer at great prices - Contact Us for more info.


If space is a problem in your office, Canon printers are your answer. Everything is front accessible so they can be located against the wall, and you don't have to worry about pulling them out for any reason.


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